Our Team


Liz Eckelkamp Profile Page
Liz Eckelkamp
Associate Professor | Animal Science
Specialty: Dairy systems management Facilities Precision Technology Dairy cow health
J. Lannett Edwards Profile Page
J. Lannett Edwards
Professor | Animal Science
Specialty: Animal Scientist: Reproductive Physiology/Embryology
Oudessa Kerro Dego Profile Page
Oudessa Kerro Dego
Assistant Professor | Animal Science
Specialty: Vet. Microbiology with focus on control & prevention of infectious diseases
Agustin G Rius Profile Page
Agustin G Rius
Associate Professor | Animal Science
Specialty: Nutritional and Environmental Physiology
Neal Schrick Profile Page
Neal Schrick
Professor & Head | Animal Science
Specialty: Beef and Dairy Cattle Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology
Shep Stearns Profile Page
Shep Stearns
Extension Specialist I | Animal Science
Lew Strickland Profile Page
Lew Strickland
Associate Professor | Animal Science

Work Group Members

David Bilderback Profile Page
David Bilderback
Extension Specialist I | Agricultural and Resource Economics
John J Goddard Profile Page
John J Goddard
Extension Agent III & Co. Director | Loudon County
Specialty: Animal Science Row Crops Auctioneering
Ranson Goodman Profile Page
Ranson Goodman
Extension Agent III | Henry County
Specialty: Row Crop Production/Livestock/Wildlife/Forestry/Fisheries/ Horticulture/Fruits
Heath D Nokes Profile Page
Heath D Nokes
Extension Agent III | Warren County
Milton W Orr Profile Page
Milton W Orr
Extension Agent III | Greene County
Specialty: Beef and Forage
Jonathan Rhea Profile Page
Jonathan Rhea
Extension Agent III | Monroe County
Specialty: Adult Agriculture
Harold T Woods Profile Page
Harold T Woods
Ext Agent III & Co Dir | McMinn County
Specialty: Beef Marketing

Graduate Students

Caitlin Samantha Zaring Profile Page
Caitlin Samantha Zaring
Graduate Research Assistant | Animal Science
Specialty: Value-Added Dairy